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Lesson Plans aim to have the following criteria:

  • Compliant with identified objectives of the current Solomon Islands National *Education Action Plan (NEAP) and SIG Strategic Development Plan, such a Outcome Based Education (OBE)
  • Strongly integrated with the current Solomon Islands Ministry of Education curricula for science, technology, environment, mathematics and other related subjects
  • Spread over an agreed Year range
  • Encouraging respectful group work between girl and boy students to encourage Gender Equality
  • Highlight the unique role of women to encourage Gender Equality
  • Encourage group work between students and community
  • Conforming with traditional practices of restricted information, as some information may not be shared

Teachers have been Trialing lesson plans in the classroom and amending them as appropriate also developing a Marovo Reef and Rainforest Encyclopedia in the Solomon Islands Curriculum Matrix along with a ICT in the Solomon Islands Curriculum Matrix

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