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The following is documentation of local perspectives on the mass death of marine life in June 2011. The event resulted in the deaths of thousands of fish and other marine life in the estimated 42 square km affected area in the Marovo Lagoon, a major concern for the rural villages who depend on the lagoon to live.

The following interviews were conducted as part of the Marovo Wiki OER workshops in the Marovo Lagoon, Solomon Islands.

Interview with Mr Fensal Fate

Interview with Mr Fensal Fate

This is a brief report of an interview with Mr. Fensal Fate from Patukae School about the recent mass death of marine life in the Marovo Lagoon. Date 04/07/2011, 4:30pm.

” ….. the sea turned from its original colour to yellowish and in some other parts greenish, large quantities of fish floated up to the surface struggling to survive but were found dead after a few days” – Mr Fensal Fate

Interview with Mr Charlie Vagara

This is a report by Mr Nathaniel Nausi from Chubikopi Primary School interviewing Mr Charlie Vagara from the Patukae Community High school regarding the recent 'fish kill' experienced in the central Marovo region during the month of June 2011.

Interview with Mr Charlie Vagara
Mr Vagara talked about the discoloration of the sea with greenish, brownish and traces of red colored water at some isolated places within the affected area and also the mass death of aquatic creatures seen floating on the sea surface. Mr Vagara also talked about the water turbidity which was very low during peak of the crisis. It was difficult to see through a depth of one meter from the sea surface.

Mr Vagara highlighted that elders talked about how similar occurrence had occurred in the past though much smaller and restricted to certain marine organisms such as fish.

Mr Vagara also pointed to large scale logging activities in the impacted area that may have contributed to the high level of sediments and nutrients in the sea; evident when orange plumes covered the affected area during wet season.

Mr Vagara also spoke about the immediate impact on the people in the area will be in terms of protein and the livelihood of people who depend entirely on the sea to live.

Interview with Mr Jackson Busu

Interview with Mr Jackson Busu

Mr Jackson Busu talked about the impact on people diets. ' People in Marovo are wondering why this incident happened ... The lagoon is the main source of food and income for people in this part of the Solomon Islands'

For more information please see the following reports prepared by Mr Brian Bird, Principal Patukae Community High School

Report June 2 2011

Report June 11 2011

Note: The opinions expressed are those of the individuals interviewed.