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Name of School: Patukae Class teacher: Redley Manu

Year: 4

Lesson Title:

Making a Fish Tally Graph



Learning Outcomes: By the end of the lesson, children should be able to know how to put information in a tally graph.
  • Say the rhyme – “1,2,3,4,5 once I caught a fish alive”
  • Question and answer session about the rhyme

Teacher activities:
  • Teacher explains the topic
  • Teacher ask children about their favourite fish from the list on the tally chart
  • Teacher records the children favourite fish
  • Teacher ask the children to copy their tally graph onto their exercise books
Learner activities:
  • Children listen to the teachers explanation
  • Children respond by giving their favourite fish
  • Children watch the teacher record their tally
  • Children copy the tally chart into their books
  • Teacher summarizes the lesson topic through a series of questions
  • Children refer to Reef and Rainforest wiki to help identify fish types

Learner evaluation:
  • Children write about number stories sentence about each fish tally that they have in their tally graph

Eg. 5 boys like to eat heheuku or 5 out of 15 children like to eat heheuku