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Marovo language version

This wiki is based on the book Reef and Rainforest: An Environmental Encyclopedia of Marovo Lagoon, Solomon Islands Kiladi oro vivineidi ria tingitonga pa idere oro pa goana pa Marovo an illustrated encyclopedia of the coral reef and rainforest environments of the Marovo Lagoon in the New Georgia Group of Solomon Islands, in the Melanesian southwest Pacific. Its title in the Marovo language literally means "The Names and Stories of the Things in the Sea and Forest of Marovo".

Interview with Mr Brian Bird

OER Workshop July 2011

The following is documentation of local perspectives on the mass death of marine life in June 2011. The event resulted in the deaths of thousands of fish and other marine life in the estimated 42 square km affected area in the Marovo Lagoon, a major concern for the rural villages who depend on the lagoon to live. See More

OER Workshop March 2011

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Teachers have been Trialing lesson plans in the classrooms making links between the wiki and the curriculum framework of the Solomon Islands. There are small video clips showing some of the lesson plans being implemented in the classroom. You can also view examples of student assignments along with audio and OLPC resources developed by teachers to support teaching and learning.

Marovo Wiki Categories


Coastal-marine topography and reef classification


Corals, stones and other things that grow on the reef


Fish and other swimming creatures of sea and river


Shells, sea cucumbers and similar things


Crustaceans of reef, beach, mangroves and forest


The land: topography and soil types.


Plants of forest and gardens


Snakes and all kinds of four-legged animals of the land


Insects, spiders, centipedes and similar things


Birds and bats

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