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Lesson Plans were trialed in the classroom this week (March 7-11) at the second Wiki workshop held at Patukae. Teachers developed a Marovo Reef and Rainforest Encyclopedia in the Solomon Islands Curriculum Matrix along with a ICT in the Solomon Islands Curriculum Matrix so that lesson plans can use the content of the Marovo wiki across the Solomon Islands curriculum framework.

Lesson Plans that were trialed include:

Lesson Plans aim to have the following criteria:

  • Compliant with identified objectives of the current Solomon Islands National *Education Action Plan (NEAP) and SIG Strategic Development Plan and Outcome Based Education (OBE)
  • Strongly integrated with the current Solomon Islands Ministry of Education curricula for science, technology, environment, mathematics and other related subjects
  • Spread over an agreed Year range
  • Encouraging respectful group work between girl and boy students to encourage Gender Equality
  • Highlight the unique role of women to encourage Gender Equality
  • Encourage group work between students and community
  • Conforming with traditional practices of restricted information, as some information may not be shared

Lesson Plan Trial begins

sample with Mr Jackson Busu
samples with Mr David Limana

sample with Mr Logan Tuni
sample with Mr Jackson Busu

ma:Kinukubei Tinavete pu te ta changava ta di ria koburu